2017 Ford Torino – Does Torino Ring a Bell

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Does Ford Torino ring a bell? If you were born in the 60s or you are a true Ford fan, then it does. It had been an upscale model of the Fairlane at first, but it became a model after several years. Many were comparing it to Mustang and these two shared lots of features indeed. However, its life on the market lasted only eight years since its production was discontinued in 1976. Even though Ford halted the production of Torino, its chassis was used in several other models such as Thunderbird and Ford LTD II. Many have forgotten about this legendary vehicle, but some rumors appeared that the 2017 Ford Torino is going to be launched after four decades.


Rendering of Ford Torino 2017


First of all, have in mind that the 2017 model hasn’t been confirmed and this article is based only on rumors. They are not coming from the single source but from the various sources all over the Web. The Internet is just loaded with information about this model. In fact, such speculations have appeared two years ago and allegedly it leaked from Ford. However, Ford has never made any comment on these allegations. Nevertheless, we still believe new Ford Torino will be launched sooner or later and now seems to be a perfect time. The production of Taurus is discontinued and there is an empty slot in Ford’s lineup and Torino could easily fit in.

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Many fans created futuristic variants of this model and some rendered photos are presented on our page. They are quite different from one another and it is really difficult to discuss the possible design of the 2017 Ford Torino because there are many different opinions on how it will look like. It is expected to resemble the old models, but only slightly. It will definitely get some modern lines and features and it’s most likely that it will come in two variants – sedan and coupe.


Rendering of Ford Torino 2017

If you take a look at the past, you will see that Mustang and Torino were lookalikes thus we can expect it will share some features with 2017 Ford Mustang. Wheelbase shouldn’t be one of those features and new Torino is going to have a larger wheelbase. Unfortunately, this is all we can tell regarding design. We don’t even have any prediction about the interior. It is not known what features it should have inside the cabin and how many seats it will have. Technology is going to be similar to other Ford vehicles and there won’t be any surprises here.

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We must admit that all things we read about the powertrain of the 2017 Ford Mustang were only speculations. The last variant released back in 1976 had a 7.5-liter eight-cylinder. It was stronger than most of the engines from this segment but also was fuel consuming. Some experts claim if it is released it will get a 5.0-liter Coyote eight-cylinder. No less than 400 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque are expected. Thanks to this V8 it will be one of the most powerful vehicles manufactured by the American automaker. When it comes to the transmission system, in our opinion, it will have both manual and automatic gearbox.


There are no indications when the 2017 Ford Mustang should be released. We are afraid to make any predictions since this model was originally announced two years ago. Therefore we can just wait for the official announcement by Ford. On the other hand, we can discuss the price. According to an unnamed source, the prices for both sedan and coupe variant should be around $40,000. This seems like a reasonable price and new Torino won’t be part of the luxury category. We just need to wait and see whether this car is just a rumor or it will finally come to the market.

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