2017 Tesla Pickup Truck Concept

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UPDATE: In what is now regarded as official Tesla announcement, Elon Musk wrote a 1500 word blog post which already could be considered a game changer. What was said in this blog is: Tesla motors are planning on expanding their range of vehicles. Segments of car market that they are planning on entering are as following: SUV segment, pickup trucks segment (2017 Tesla Pickup Truck is coming), and later in time the heavy duty truck and bus segment. All of this is something that has been told thousand of times since 2013 trough various rumors but now has finally got official confirmation. The only thing remaining now is to see where are all of this vehicles are going to fit in the already overcrowded market, and how will Elon Musk handle financing and delivering of these models. Considering that Tesla in financed trough investments and not through earnings, and that they are already late on a schedule of delivering tesla Model 3 to buyers, lot’s of people are eagerly expecting to see how are Tesla and Elon Musk respectably going to handle all of this.

In January rumors started about a truck made by Tesla. While this would seem very odd at first, let’s not forget that the three best-selling cars in the United States are trucks and that Tesla’s technology would make a lot of sense. Well, back in March, Elon Musk said that a 2017 Tesla Pickup Truck would be a real possibility for them and even though there are no current plans for making one, a Tesla truck would be a really interesting car.

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This has been later discussed by auto journalists and it seems that Tesla would easily be able to take a lot of the market for themselves, especially since an electric truck would use a lot less energy than a conventional model and its electric motors would easily be able to pull more than a regular petrol or diesel version.



Our best bet would be that they would release the 2017 Tesla Pickup Truck as a concept in order to see people’s reactions and if it will be successful, which it will most likely will, the Tesla will proceed forward with developing it and they would likely be able to release it by 2020 when most other manufacturers will likely offer hybrid trucks that will directly compete with it. The price is still an unknown factor at this point but like they did with the Model S, they will most likely offer the truck at a much lower price than the competition, most likely around $40,000, a price at which it should have no match.

2017 Tesla Pickup Truck back


Like with their other models, the 2017 Tesla Pickup Truck is very likely going to be a rather minimalist track both in terms of exterior and interior design. This should appeal to a very large market because many people are looking for functionality rather than design and Tesla will easily be able to deliver.

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2017 Tesla Pickup Truck

One of the largest selling points for the truck would be the fact that it will offer both a trunk which will allow the driver to store tools, valuables and other items while the bed would be used just for carrying stuff around. Also, unlike a conventional truck which needs a large front engine and a large fuel tank, the Tesla truck will likely get a long but slim battery pack mounted in its floor and very compact engines, either in the back or the front and at the back. These will take little to no space at all so the bed, as well as the cabin, will definitely be bigger than on its competitors.

2017 Tesla Pickup Truck 4


The modular design of the Tesla truck will also mean that it should be quite simple for them to offer two and four door cabs as well as different bed lengths without that many issues. While it will be a Tesla Pickup Truck, its interior will likely be similar to that of the lowest end Model E in order to save as much money as possible but the materials inside and out should be on par with the other models in the range.

2017 Tesla Pickup Truck Front

One of the largest problems people are going to have with the Tesla Pickup Truck is going to be the available range but this shouldn’t really be an issues because the longer truck will have more room for batteries, so, in theory, it should easily be able to provide more than 200 miles of range even when towing large loads.

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On top of that, it would be a great truck for large fleets because Tesla will likely offer great Super Charger packages with many bought trucks, so while the recharge time will be around 30 minutes, thanks to the fact companies will have a free energy supply should drop the costs on the long term tremendously which will be the main selling point for the Tesla truck.

Rendering by Tobias Büttner

2017 Tesla Pickup Truck-Render

2017 Tesla Pickup Truck

Tesla info: Wikipedia.org

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